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Alias Stillness

All The Cool Snipers Are Doing It

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Welcome to alias_stillness! This Alias icon challenge community was modeled after the Buffy/Angel version of it, buffy_stillness, which you should visit, if you get a chance. Here's what happens every week: members decide between three blanks (I'll provide them). Then members vote for the top three icons made with those blanks, and the winners receive customized banners by sol_icons.

1. Absolutely no animated icons. That is the point of our community.
2. Submissions must be anonymous. So don't advertise your icon until after the voting is complete and the winners have been announced. This includes not telling your friends to vote for you.
3. Don't vote for yourself.
4. Your icon cannot be something you previously made with a close picture. You have to use the base provided. Don't try to hunt down the picture and change it. Also, don't add any other images to your icon.
5. Make sure your icons fit the lj size standards of 40K and 100x100 or smaller.
6. No one but likegunfire and sol_icons will ever have posting access. There's no need for the members to have it, and this keeps the community from being used for other purposes. However, I know it can be hard to get a community started and get members. So if you would like to advertise your community (Alias-related only), drop me a comment and I'll put something in my next post.

1. Post your icon as a comment to the designated post for that week.
2. All submissions must be received by Saturday at 11AM Eastern Time. If I get your icon after this time and the submissions are already up, sorry. There's nothing I can do.

1. You don't have to be a member to vote.
2. Vote for your first, second, and third choices, plus which blank you wish to be used in the next contest. This will be in poll format.

1. Voting will be from sometime after 11AM on Saturday to early on Sunday.
2. The winners and the new blank will be announced sometime early on Sunday. Submissions can be submitted as soon as the post is up.

Most other questions are addressed in the FAQ. If your question still hasn't been answered after you've read that entire thing, then ask me.

Our layout was made by sol_icons. Thanks!

Your mods,
likegunfire and sol_icons

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